The Chainsaw Brothers are two brothers providing chainsaws and manpower to help people in disaster areas.

Recently, the Florida Baptist Disaster Relief has been helping, healing, and providing hope to people and communities impacted by Hurricane Ian. Since this organization does not solicit donations, we published this site to help this amazing charity and 501(c)(3) organization. 

Pic of Chainsaw Brothers Aaron and Nate Davis

The Story

After a chance interaction with an old friend from his hometown, Aaron Davis heard about people helping fellow Floridians in Southwest Florida, where Hurricane Ian ravaged the area.

Aaron had not seen Richard Rigdon in several years, yet here he was leading the Florida Baptist Disaster Relief unit, which had boots on the ground in Port Charlotte, Fla.

Roughly 80 miles away in Plant City, Aaron told the story to his brother, Nate Davis. The two then decided to help and purchased 30 Stihl chainsaws from the local I-4 Power Equipment store, aiming to equip those helping with the cleanup efforts.

They loaded the chainsaws and hauled them south, where they witnessed firsthand the damage caused by Hurricane Ian in the Port Charlotte community.

What they found was “no less than a miracle in itself,” said Aaron, referencing an organization that was quick to the scene just days after the storm.

Stationed at Murdock Baptist Church, the Florida Baptist Disaster Relief unit prepared more than 70,000 meals for those in need within a week of the storm’s impact. Hundreds of volunteers helped provide food, shelter, water and labor — running chainsaws, cleaning up debris, tarping roofs and much more.

This isn’t the first time the Chainsaw Brothers have done something like this.

A year earlier in Texas, Aaron watched the news after a winter storm had devastated the area.

“Just seeing all the stories come in and I’m like, ‘oh my gosh, we’re used to hurricanes, this is way worse than a hurricane,’” Aaron told 10 Tampa Bay. “This is a hurricane followed by seven days of freezing. You’re not going to necessarily drown or get hit by a flying object, but you’re going to freeze to death.”

In the wake of Hurricane Irma five years earlier, Nate ran chainsaws and cleaned up the homes of linemen and first responders, who were out helping their communities.

“You don’t have to change or save the world,” said Nate. “Just help people when you see someone in need. That can lead to another person having the time to help someone else. If everyone contributed just a little bit, the world would be a better place.”

The People

How You Can Help

Hurricane Ian decimated parts of Southwest Florida. Many of the damages will be felt for years, so let’s keep the effort going for the weeks and months ahead.

Let’s help these good people get back on their feet. Donate to the Florida Baptist Disaster Relief through Go Fund Me.

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